Help Us Take This Mainstream

If you agree with us that it is long past time for our “representative” “leadership” to hear the “Remonstrance of the People of the United States”, then please continue reading.

Taking It Mainstream

king-john-signing-magna-carta-colorNo matter how compelling “The Remonstrance of the People of the United States of America” is, it can only have a huge impact if it is seen and understood by the masses, the media and our political leadership. We want to create a mainstream buzz that brings the grievances raised in this non-partisan document into the mainstream of our politics and our media, and into the center of our political conversation.

For that we need your help.

First, we need you to share the site!  Please share MagnaCarta.US through your Facebook, Google +, Twitter accounts. If you are on reddit or digg, share it there. Add a comment to say why it’s so important.

Second, we must register the support of this Remonstrance by thousands of people just like you to enable me – and others who may wish to join me – to take this document to Washington D.C., to present it to congressional leadership and all presidential candidates not with the feeble voice of one man, but with the resounding voice of We the People. You can do that by registering at the bottom of this page.

Third, this Remonstrance makes demands on politicians – so send it to your representatives. Demand that they affirm it, and hopefully share it with their voters, too.

Fourth, social media and sending emails about the Remonstrance are fine – but to hit critical mass, we need the mainstream media to know about it – and that requires sending hard copies to newspapers and radio stations etc. That costs money. So please donate here to help us buy envelopes, stamps, and printer ink.

Our ultimate target is to raise at least $120,000 to splash it across a full page in the New York Times. This amazing statement by The People should be in the country’s newspaper of record, after all, shouldn’t it?

This is a year of presidential politics and a special anniversary of Magna Carta. Those of us who care about liberty have an opportunity to exploit both for the good of our nation.old_man_wept

If this Remonstrance of the People of the United States of America, by The People, for The People, resonates with you, then please lend your support by entering your information in the box below.

When enough of you have done so, I’ll be able to take it to D.C. with the true authority of The People – and then neither the media nor Capitol Hill will be able to ignore it.

Thank you so much.

For all of our ancient and glorious freedoms,

Robin Koerner